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Finding Hour Way


Brody Wyoming, a physics student at a Midwest university, is offered the chance to earn some extra credit. He agrees, not expecting he will have to risk his life for it. Nor does he expect that in the process he will end up making history . . . by visiting history.


In his southern California laboratory, government researcher Harold Olden stumbles onto the discovery of a lifetime, a way to see through time. The incredible potential of the technology is obvious to him, but the danger, unfortunately, is not . . . until it is too late.


Shoe saleswoman Cassidy Glasco, already down on her luck, suffers a day when nothing seems to go her way. She makes a wish to go back and try it all over again, never dreaming it might actually come true, or that she might regret it when it does.


Who knows what good or evil might be done by tampering with time? Or what insights might be gained? Or what fun might be had? Finding Hour Way is a collection of three novellas about people struggling to navigate the twists and turns of time travel.



From the author of the National Indie Excellence Award winning fantasy, The Last Guardian of Magic.

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